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The Light of the Beast - Pablo Allison

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The Light of the Beast - Pablo Allison

The Light of the Beast is the culmination of five years work documenting migrants travelling from Central America, through Mexico and into the USA as the final destination. 

Since 2007, British/Mexican artist Pablo Allison has tried to understand life and its intricacies, by documenting migration and its consequences.  

What started off as a series of illegal voyages on freight trains in Mexico with no clear destination, resulted in photographing people escaping extreme violence and poverty.

Allison’s photographic work on The Beast (the freight train commonly known to migrants that carries goods between Mexico, the USA and Canada) put him in extremely precarious situations that the migrants face daily.

In 2018, he was intercepted by armed freight train criminals who robbed him at gunpoint. The following year, he was detained and imprisoned by ICE agents. Spending almost a month in an ICE facility in Tacoma, Washington, he was able to further document the obstacles and hardships faced by migrants as they make their way towards a perceived life of freedom.

The Light of the Beast contains an essay by the artist, words by Guatemalan migrant and activist David Vazquez and an afterword by Mexican Human Rights activist Claudia S. Leon.

Comes with :
Double-sided postcard
Printed and hand-drawn stickers

  • ISBN : 978-1-8381745-0-7
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  • Publisher: Pavement Studio (Published September 2020)
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