Pablo Allison was born in Manchester, UK and grew up in MexicoCity.

He is multidisciplinary artist interested in exploring ideas such as, control, reclusion, displacement, freedom, entrapment and migration among others through his practice.

His work has been presented widely in countries such as Jordan, Turkey, Iraq, Mexico, Sweden, UK, USA, France, The Netherlands, Denmark, Italy, Switzerland, Finland and Germany. He has published his work in The Huffington Post, PBS Newsroom, Redbull, La Republic, National Geographic, Vice Magazine, El Pais, Juxtapoz, etc. and  has contributed with NGO's such as Open Society Foundations, Amnesty International and ActionAid among others. 

Amongst the books he has published, Operation Jurassic, published by Pavement Studio (2018) is a multimedia book related to his incarceration in the UK. It was co-produced between his sister Roxana and him. The Light of the Beast, published by Pavement Studio (2020) depicts almost 5 years of documentation of the journey of migrants coming from Central America to the USA. Moral Turpitude, published by Undocumented Press (2021) presents a series of multilayered depictions of his incarceration in a detention centre in the USA for almost one month. Finally, Detainee Handbook, published by Undocumented Press (2022) presents the story of immigrants detained in the Northwest Detention Centre of Tacoma, Washington. Through drawings and text, the book aims to highlight the tragic ongoing story of migration inside detention.

Pablo currently lives and works between Latin America and Europe. 

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