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Migrantes Valientes Vol.2

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Migrantes Valientes Vol.2

The publication contains individual stories of migration from around the world. Amongst the content, it includes a story of the chicano experience written by Mexican academic Alfonso Vazquez; the experiences of a human rights social worker from Costa Rica who lived and worked in Libya alongside images of Libyan photographer Anhar Jaber. An essay and images by British - Spanish photographer Daniel Castro Garcia on his documentation of the migration of thousands of people coming from Africa and the Middle East to Europe. Chilean photographer and activist, Futuro Berg documents the life of migrant from Haiti living in Chile whilst Venezuelan artist Malandro Photos ( Roland Pizzoferrato ) through images represents  the experiences of Venezuelan migrants searching for a better life away from their home. Jimi Mancia, a poet and migrant from El Salvador running away from violence in his country in search of safety shares his experiences through poems and a short essay and Pastor Paco, a former gang member from the MS-13 gang turned pastor, dreams of a better world.

-ISBN: 978-1-9993797-1-1

-Product dimensions: broadsheet

-Publisher: Undocumented Press

-Language: English

-Pages: 36

-Published: November 21 (2021)

-Limited Edition (250)

-A percentage of the sales of this publication will be donated to a migrant shelter in  Mexico

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